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Liquidation, Final settlement

Fehér Denevér Felszámoló Ltd.
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About us

Fehér Denevér Ltd. is one of the 90 companies that successfully met the criteria set out in Government Decree 114/2006 (12 May 2006), and has therefore been included in the new register of liquidators for 2021.

We have built our team of professionals to ensure that they have outstanding experience and expertise. Our liquidators have been involved in several successful bankruptcy settlements and reorganisations during their careers.

Our mission is to ensure a complex and efficient system of procedures, that facilitates the most efficient conduct of proceedings in the best interests of creditors, in compliance with the law and ethical standards.


What we do

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Winding up

We assist creditors and debtors in exercising their rights and facilitate the effective, lawful and professional conduct of liquidation proceedings.

Members' voluntary liquidation

We can quickly and professionally carry out the full range of liquidation procedures for companies and other entities with a legal background.

Bankruptcy proceeding

Throughout the bankruptcy process, we can work with our expert colleagues to effectively facilitate the development and implementation of a reorganisation programme for the debtor company.

Asset management

The property settlement procedure may be carried out in order to regularise the ownership of property owned by a company that has ceased to exist without legal succession, i.e. a company that has been deleted from the business register, or to remove from the register a right or fact entered in the register for the benefit of the deleted company for public authenticity or public interest purposes.

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