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Please read it carefully!

Dear Creditors!

We would like to inform you that Fehér Denevér Felszámoló Ltd. has been appointed in the following procedures.

If you wish to enforce your claim as a creditor's claim in the winding up proceedings, please note that in order to register your claim, the creditor must pay 1% of the principal amount of the claim, but not less than HUF 5.000 and not more than HUF 200.000, into a separate account managed by the Economic Office of the competent court, with reference to the court case number. You should provide proof of this to the liquidator.

If the winding up proceedings were immediately preceded by bankruptcy proceedings, and the creditor has filed his claim there and paid the registration fee, he does not have to file the claim again in the winding up proceedings, but must pay the difference in the fee if the liquidator so requests.