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Account numbers

Please read it carefully!

Dear Creditors!

Declaration of irrevocability

Pursuant to Section 46 (6) of the Act XLIX of 1991., the liquidator shall immediately issue a certificate of irrecoverability, against payment of a fee of HUF 2.540 for the recognised claim, provided that the claim has not been assigned after the commencement of the liquidation and no security is expected to be available to satisfy the claim of the claimant.


If you do not wish to pay the registration fee during the winding up proceeding and request a declaration of irrecoverability of their claim, please transfer the amount of HUF 2.000 + HUF 540 VAT, in total HUF 2.540 , to account no. 12011375-01732263-00100003 managed by Raiffeisen Bank Zrt., referring to the name of the debtor company.


Flat-rate research allowance

Please pay the flat-rate research allowance pursuant to Section 46 (7a) of Act XLIX of 1991 - 0.5% of the principal amount of the claim, but not less than HUF 5.000 and not more than HUF 40.000 - to the bank account number 12011375-01732263-00300007 - held with Raiffeisen Bank Zrt., indicating the name of the company in liquidation.


Bankruptcy proceeding

For bankruptcy proceedings, please pay the registration fee (1% of the amount of the claim, min. HUF 5.000, max. HUF 100.000) to the separate bank account nr. 12011375-01732263-00200000 managed by Raiffeisen Bank Zrt., indicating the name of the company in bankruptcy.



Pursuant to the provisions of Article 26 of the Act XLIX of 1991., the Debtor is obliged to set aside a provision of at least HUF 150.000 for liquidation costs. Payment of the provision may be made to the bak account nr. 12011375-01732263-00400004 managed by Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. In the notice, please indicate the name of the debtor company for identification purposes.